Servant Leader Board of First United Methodist Church Charlotte Response to General Conference

Servant Leader Board of First United Methodist Church Charlotte Response to General Conference

We, the Servant Leader Board of First United Methodist Church Charlotte, in the wake of the Special General Conference’s adoption of a discriminatory and exclusionary path forward for the global denomination, unanimously reaffirm that people of all sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome and invited to enjoy every privilege and aspect of church life with us. We stand in solidarity with our clergy, church staff, LGBTQ+ members and allies, as we discern what steps, if any, we must take to remain true to our divine calling to live the love of Christ through our worship and service to all of God’s children.

Barry Webb, Chair

Paige Ahmed

Jill Bond

Hillery Crosier

Brian Hipp

Ann Huskey

Ben King

Paul Rhoades

Beverly Smith

Jean Sperow

March 19, 2019

Update from SLB


Update from SLB

Hello First Church;

In an effort to continue open communication with the congregation, I wanted to take the time to share what your board is working on. 

Tonight, we assigned committee leaders for the 2018 church year.  Staff Parish will be led by Brian Hipp, Trustees will be led by Stuart Rose, and Finance will again be led by Jim Wilborne.  We all are very open to communication from the congregation, so please always share your ideas and thoughts.

We continue to review the progress on our new sound system for the sanctuary.  We are hoping to have installation completed this Spring/Summer, and will be able to enjoy this in services as well as special events. 

The board continues to fully support the various ministries of this church, and we are working on a new program around arts with our neighbors without homes.  More information to come, but we have received a grant already, and Pastor Val is working with partners to organize this ministry.  

We already have three concerts planned for the latter part of 2018 in our sanctuary, and we are very excited to continue to share our space with the community. 

We are initiating some focus on organization throughout our large facility.  Now that more of our space has been filled by rental partners, it is becoming all the more important to ensure we have some rhyme and reason to where things go.  We have a couple of volunteers that will be working on planning what goes where, and then  we will initiate a ‘sign out’ process for when we use items.  This should help us find decorations at Christmas as well as other items that can easily end up missing.  If you have interest in this project, please email me, and I’ll connect you with the right people.

Other items were discussed around keeping our space clean and useful for all ministries, and we adjourned. 

Thank you for being the best part of FUMC, and let us know how what we can do for you!

Matt Sanders